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Edina Realty of Duluth, Minnesota has been working with us for several years. Depicted above is the leading page of their newly redesigned site. For Edina Duluth, we implemented a solution that allows them to provide up to the day, searchable data on the area real estate market. Our unique solutions overcome all of the known problems related to incorporating detailed data into a real estate site. Specifically, the information is complete and accurate (up to the day). Previously, only large national sites had such power (and even they continue to have trouble keeping the data complete and up to date). Although some solutions existed previously that claimed to provide such accurate and timely data, ours allows Edina Duluth to dictate in detail how the information should be formatted. That is important since we incorporated award winning graphic design that we wanted to see preserved throughout the site (many data solutions require third party content that often has limited customizability for preserving the look and feel of a site's design). Feel free to take a look by clicking: EdinaDuluth.com